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Take a moment to meet some of our club members!

Lisa + Madison

What is your full name and date of birth?  

Madison:  My name is Madison Monster Wigglesworth...but for some reason my mom calls me all sorts of other things, like:

Monster Mash
Mashed Potatoes

My birthday is every day!!!!  Oh wait...nevermind.  I just looked it up and apparently it's November 9, 2007.

How long have you been competing in agility?  

Madison: I've been doing those jumps and tunnels and stuff for like 35 (dog) years...but am I competing out there?  I thought I was just hanging out with Mom...maybe I should think about actually running...


What is your favorite obstacle and why?  

Madison:  Not tires...not dog walks...not teeters...treats!  Are treats an obstacle?  If not, I guess jumps and tunnels...

What other sports do you play?  

Madison:  I LOVE other sports!  

-Bite the pants
-Bark at the kids
-Bark at the bikes
-Bark at the UPS man
-Bark at the vacuum
-Bite the vacuum
-Bark at whatever Riggs is barking at

What other hobbies do you have?  

Find the most uncomfortable spot to lay on my dad and laying there...for a long time.

Favorite color?  

Madison:  Purple rhino...or purple squirrel or orange ball.  All tied for my favorite color.


Car rides….yes or no?  

Madison: Sure!  But only if I can drive (or at least sit right under the steering wheel).


Do you have siblings?  Do you get along?  

Madison:  Riggs.  He's dumb.  Next question.

What does your mom/dad say the most to you when on the agility field?  When at home?  

Madison: They lie and tell me there are lizards everywhere.  Must. Hunt. Lizards...


Do you sleep in bed with your family?  

Madison: Of course.  Why would I sleep in bed with another dog's family?  That would be weird.

What’s your favorite food?

Madison: Lizards.  Or bully sticks, but only if I can switch halfway through and have Riggs'.

What’s the coolest trick you know?

Madison: Spin left or right, although my mom doesn't even get those right very often.

Velcro or independent?

Madison: If I let my mom get more than 1 foot away from me, she's probably run out of the ring!

Belly rubs, ear rubs or butt rubs – which is your favorite?  

Madison: Yes.


What are your agility accomplishments?  

Madison:  Not running away.
I've also won like 1,000 first place ribbons.  Mom said something about me being the only dog in my height class usually, but I think everyone is just afraid of me.

Squirrels or birds?

Madison:  LIZARDS!!!!!!


What does your mom and dad do that you like most?  

Madison: They let me take them for a walk at the beach!

How would you describe your perfect day?

Madison: I wake up!  So today is a perfect day!


If you had a job, what would it be?  

Madison: Lizard chaser.  Or neuro-surgeon.  Either one is good.

"Ya gotta be the lizard to think like a lizard"

Low Country Dog Agility
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