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LCDA Low Country Dog Agility
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Training Classes

We offer Beginner to Masters level agility classes as well as obedience classes. We always have a high demand for our Focus for Agility and Intro to Agility classes. All training classes are taught at our West Ashley Training Field. For directions, please click the link below.

When choosing your class, PLEASE be sure to read the prerequisites listed with the class description. Students who register for classes they are not qualified for will have their registration canceled. Also, if a class does not have at least 3 registrants by the week of class, the class will not be held. If you have any questions, please email our Training Director, Sheila Ross. Not all classes will be offered every session. Come on out and have fun with your dog!

Fall 2019 Session Schedule and Registration
All classes are 6 weeks long ($65 for members*, $110 for non-members) with the exception of Intro to Agility, which is $90 for members, $190 for non-members and is 8 weeks long. To register, click on the class name in the schedule below and follow the steps. Non-members do NOT need to log into the website to register; there will be a step during registration where you can look up your information if you have previously taken a class or are on our mailing list. Classes are currently in progress. Please stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for announcements about our next session!

*To become a member, you must have completed two LCDA courses and a minimum of 4 hours of volunteer time at LCDA. Membership dues are $170 annually which gains you access to member pricing for classes and seminars and, when deemed proficient on all equipment, a key to the agility field.

Fall 2019 Class Schedule

7:00-8:00pm Handling 101 with Arlene 7:00-8:00pm Focus for Agility with Melvin (back field, starts September 16th)

7:00-8:00pm Advanced Handling with Sheila 8:15-9:15pm Masters Handling with Sheila
Wednesday 7:00-8:00pm Intro to Agility with Juli and Charise (must have taken Focus for Agility or Shaping class) 8:15-9:15pm Skills & Drills with Lori

(all start September 19th)
7:00-8:00pm Distance and Handling with Randy 
7:00-8:00pm Weaves 101 with Deirdre and Julie
8:15-9:15pm Starters Handling with Tami

7:00-8:00pm   Contacts and Weaves: Proofing and Handling with Jan (must be able to weave 12 poles, perform all contacts at full height, starts September 20th)

Beginner Classes

(not offered this session)
This class will teach your dog to love learning new skills and make you a more confident and successful trainer. Whether you are hoping to compete in dog sports like agility, or just want a better relationship with your dog, this class will help you to be successful. We will focus on a number of foundational skills, as well as fun and unusual tricks to help your dog become an active partner in learning new things. These skills are highly recommended for dog and handler teams interested in continuing with the Intro to Agility class. You can learn more about what shaping is here.

This class is open to all dogs of all ages and experience.

Focus for Agility

This class will focus on FOCUS! In order for your dog to be able to work with you, they must be paying careful attention to you. We will concentrate on simple exercises that will increase your dog’s desire to keep an eye on you. In addition, we will work on some basic obedience skills that are useful (necessary) to be successful in agility. Your dog will be introduced to the sit, down, come, and stay commands. In addition, we will address the art of loose lead walking. Instructor: Melvin Schutt
Prerequisites: This class is open to all.

Intro to Agility

Dog and handler teams will learn the basic commands for and how to negotiate the agility obstacles. The goal is for the canine partner to learn how to negotiate most obstacles on their own. Instructors: Juli Martin and Charise
Prerequisites: MUST have taken Shaping or Focus for Agility FIRST unless special permission is given. Also, dogs must be at least 9 months of age, have a sit, stay, come, and are friendly towards other dogs and people.

Intro to Agility II 
(not offered this session)
Intro to Agility II will continue to grow the dog's understanding of the various equipment that includes contact equipment (a-frame, dog walk, teeter) as well as jumps and tunnels to ensure proficiency. Teams will begin running short sequences.
Prerequisites: Must have previous training on contact equipment and completed an Intro I class.

Handling 101
This class will focus on handling skills that are needed to be successful in agility. You will likely use these skills for your entire agility career. Each week we will focus on one handling technique and provide homework exercises to solidify your understanding. We will also use short sequences to aid the handler’s understanding of when to use various techniques. Instructor: Arlene Lillie
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Intro to Agility I & II, and can safely navigate the equipment (weave pole expertise NOT required, however we will not be addressing obstacle performance issues in this class).

Starters Classes

Starters Handling

This handling class will take things a step further, focusing on the usage of handling techniques learned in Handling 101 to navigate full agility courses, with all obstacles being used.  The courses will be adjusted from Master's level courses with just slight changes to challenge the students. Instructor: Tami Olheiser
Successful completion of Handling 101.  Knowledge of basic handling skills, and can perform all obstacles, including weave poles (if you need to use wires or other training aids on the weaves, that is fine).

Weaves 101

Weave poles can seem be a daunting obstacle to train, but they don’t have to be. Instructors: Deirdre and Julie Neer
Prerequisites: If you are a beginner or your dog is “sort of” weaving, this class is for you.

Contacts and Weaves: Proofing and Handling
Class will focus on proofing weave pole performance and contact performance. It will push the envelope of your dog's independent obstacle performance. For dogs that aren't quite there yet, we will focus on getting that independent performance so that you can push the envelope. Short sequences of 6-12 obstacles. Instructor: Jan Jones Guz
Prerequisites: Dogs must be weaving 12 poles and performing all 3 contacts at full height.

Intermediate Classes

Distance Handling
This class will focus on successful obstacle performance at a distance. Instructor: Randy Hunter
Prerequisites: Dogs MUST be proficient on all obstacles and focused on the handler.

Skills & Drills: Commonly Used Techniques

In this skills and drills class we will be working various agility challenges and connection. Exercises will include all agility obstacles, which dogs must be proficient on. Instructor: Lori Duncan
Prerequisites: Dogs must currently be competing. 

USDAA Games and Handling
(not offered this session)
This class will introduce those new to both agility and USDAA to the fun games of USDAA; consider this a trial prep class. We will have 2 sessions dedicated to each of the following games: Gamblers, Snooker, and Pairs. We will explore the rules of the games, handling, and game strategies. This class is also a trial prep class. There will be a "judge" along with ring crew and other positions. All courses will be Starters/Advanced level courses.
Prerequisites: Dogs MUST be proficient on all obstacles and focused on the handler. Weaves are preferred but not required. We will not be addressing obstacle performance issues in this class.

Advanced Handling
This class will work on Advanced coursework with one course per week being run. Instructor: Sheila Ross

Prerequisites: Dogs MUST be proficient on all obstacles and focused on the handler. Please choose the class that corresponds with the level at which you are competing.

Backyard Dog Skills 
(not offered this session)
This class will focus on drills that include a full range of handling challenges. This will include weave and tunnel entrances and a variety of jump skills (backsides, slices, wraps, serpentines, etc.)
Prerequisites: Dogs MUST be proficient on all obstacles and focused on the handler. Other than that, dogs competing at all levels are welcome.

Masters Classes

Masters Handling

This class is intended to challenge masters-level teams with courses that require the handler to think about the most efficient and comprehensive path for the dog. Each class will allow teams to run full courses of both Jumpers and Standard style, with the option to also practice skills used in games classes such as Gamblers and Snooker. Instructor: Sheila Ross
Prerequisites: Teams entering this class must be proficient on all obstacles, or have prior permission from the instructor.

Please note that all dogs on the premises must be current on vaccinations, as recommended by their veterinarian.