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Agility Titles

Congratulations to everyone achieving a title in USDAA agility! This page highlights LCDA members reaching the ADCH and PDCH titles. 


Courtney Holscher and Sandy

Cindy Floyd and Thor

Rebecca Schnulle and Koby

Rebecca Schnulle and Siryn

Randy Hunter and Justice

Randy Hunter and Circe (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Diamond)

Randy Hunter and Cutter (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

Erin Queen and Jefferson

Ed McCray and Kobe

Ann Ferrell and Dot

Lori Duncan and Matilda

Lori Duncan and Duster

Randy Hunter and Rogue

Rebecca Schnulle and Trendi
Rebecca and Trendi ADCH

Sheila Ross and Stoked
Sheila and Stoked ADCH

Courtney Holscher and Ella
Courtney and Ella ADCH

Catherine Holmes and Moneypenny


Wanda Usher and Surfer Boy

Anne Cook and Hunley (Bronze)

Lori Duncan and Matilda

Christine Vinciguerra and Rusty

Christine Hand, Janet Thibault and Honey Badger

Karen Denton and Madison

Ann Ferrell and Sophie

Randy Hunter and Circe (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond)

Julie Neer and Watson

Lisa Nurminen and Riggs

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