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Member Spotlight

Take a moment to meet some of our club members!

Cindy + Thor

What is your full name and date of birth?  

Belle Story Copperhead Thor, October 20, 2010.  But I go by "Thor".

Cindy Floyd and Pete Laurie

How long have you been competing in agility?  

I started in 2012.


What is your favorite obstacle and why?  

Dog walk!  I guess because I used to get LOTS of treats on it!

Which of the agility events do you like the best?


What other sports do you play?  


What other hobbies do you have?  

Swimming in the creek going after tennis balls!

Favorite color?  

Yellow - like a tennis ball 

Car rides….yes or no?  

I'm always in a crate - so I don't care.

Do you have siblings?  Do you get along?

Yes, Kukee, and yes, we get along most of the time.

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend and best friend?

No, I am neutered.


What does your mom/dad say the most to you when on the agility field?  When at home?  



Do you sleep in bed with your family?  

No, I have my own bed.


What’s your favorite food?  

I like it all, but if I had to pick, it would be turkey.


What’s your favorite treat?  

Evolve Turkey Jerky


What’s the coolest trick you know?

“Crazy boy” where I chase my tail and generally act crazy. But it is not really a trick because I don’t do it on que.


If you could have a theme song or “game day” song played before you enter the agility field, what would it be?  

Magic Sword in the Face of Evil from Thor the movie.

Velcro or independent?

Independent - unless I'm hungry.


Belly rubs, ear rubs or butt rubs – which is your favorite?  

Butt rubs!


What are your agility accomplishments?  

ADCH and top 10 in standard for a couple of years.

Squirrels or birds?



 What does your mom and dad do that you like most?  

Feed me!


How would you describe your perfect day?  

Get up, go out for "business purposes", eat breakfast, go for a walk, rest, chase a ball, rest, play with Kukee, eat dinner watch a little TV in Cindy’s lap especially if the program has a dog or other animal in it, go to bed.


If you had a job, what would it be?  

Finding tennis balls escaped from tennis courts.

Low Country Dog Agility
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