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Take a moment to meet some of our club members!

Tami + Kaj

What is your full name and date of birth?  

Kaj:  My name is Kaj Joseph Olheiser.  Kaj is the Scandinavian spelling of the name “Kai”.


My mom and dad also call me Kaj Jangles, Kaj-Peanut, Shorty, Hominy Grits, Blondie-pants, BC ("Business Casual").  


My mom's name is Tami Olheiser.  My birthday is November 1, 2015.


How long have you been competing in agility?  

Kaj:  Ohmygosh – forever!  I have been in four days of competitions so far.  I think I’m ready to turn pro.  I have taken numerous classes, my mom keeps me wayyyyyy busy!


What is your favorite obstacle and why?  

Kaj:  Whichever one my mom tells me to do...but tunnels are FUN!  Contacts are FUN!!!!  JUMPS ARE FUN!!!!!!


Which of the agility events do you like the best? 

Kaj:  They are different?  Hmmmm – then I guess I would have to say “Standard” as that’s where I earned my first Q – that made my mom so happy!  I’m not sure what it means – but the ribbon is nice, and we took a nice picture (my mom is obsessed with taking pictures of me and my brother, Karl).

What other sports do you play?  

Kaj:  I LOVE to chase my tennis balls (SQUEAKY TENNIS BALLS), I run several times a week with my mom and brother Karl, swim at the Wag n Splash (again - TENNIS BALLS are involved), and my mom wants me to learn to ride a bike so I can be a "triathlon dog".  Not sure what that means...but if it involves tennis balls, I'm all-in.

What other hobbies do you have?  

Tennis balls.  Oh - and sleeping.  My mom and dad say that I'm the worlds best sleeper - I sleep VERY hard and am difficult to wake up...unless I hear a tennis ball or my food container opening.

Favorite color?  

Kaj:  Purple - definitely purple.


Car rides….yes or no?  

Kaj:  Hell ya!


Do you have siblings?  Do you get along?  

Kaj:  My bro-heim is Karl.  I love him to pieces.  When I was first adopted, I could walk underneath Karl . He is the only dog that I will share my tennis balls with (but - he doesn't really want them - he just wants to chase ME when I chase the tennis balls)

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend and best friend?

Kaj:  My girlfriend is Abita.  She is a duck tolling retriever.  She looks like a fox and when she runs, her back legs go faster than her front legs – it’s funny.  She knows we are going to keep it casual as I really want to focus on my sports.  I met her in agility class.  We only see each other once a week and sometimes I ignore her (again, don’t want her to think we are getting “serious”).


My best best best friend is Karl.  My second best dog friend would have to be Whiskey – I really like Whiskey. 


What does your mom/dad say the most to you when on the agility field?  When at home?  

Kaj:  At the agility field it would have to be "here here here" - even though she is trying not to say that anymore.  TOUCH and JUMP is another one and YAY YAY YAY GOOD BOY!


At home she always tells me how much she loves me and asks me if I know how much she loves me.  I'm not really sure what all that means so I lick her face.


She and my dad also often say something like “Kaj, you look like you are late for a meeting”.  (It’s usually when I’m running from one room to the next, and don’t have time to stop and talk)


Do you sleep in bed with your family?  

Kaj:  Duh. Where else would I sleep?


What’s your favorite food?  

Kaj:  Orjen!  I do like carrots quite a bit too.  Oh - and some times we get the crust off the toast!!!!  (SCORE!!!)


What’s your favorite treat?  

Kaj:  Fresh Pet, I have a bit of a sensitive tummy so I need to be a bit careful 😊


What’s the coolest trick you know?

Kaj:  hhhmmm - I would have to say the "Where's Kaj?" trick...when my mom asks that question, I zip around and go between her legs and look up at her as if to say "here I am!!".  Also - my mom says I'm like one of those "stiffy goats" that tip over...whenever she comes near me, I fall over on my side / back waiting for a belly rub.  . She is afraid I'm going to hurt myself - but I'm pretty tough.


If you could have a theme song or “game day” song played before you enter the agility field, what would it be?  

Kaj:  I always request that my mom play AC/DC on the way to Agility Trials - helps me get in the "zone".  Mainly - Thunderstruck.


Velcro or independent?  

Kaj:  Velcro!!!!


Belly rubs, ear rubs or butt rubs – which is your favorite?  

Kaj:  Oh my - probably belly rubs.


What are your agility accomplishments?  

Kaj: Having SO MUCH FUN!!!  Also - I have perfected the "four-legged bounce" at the end of each mom says "yay!!!!" and I bound straight up with all four feet off the ground!  It's sorta my signature move....


Oh – and I got a bunch of ribbons that my mom is happy about.  Especially the one she calls a “Q”.  She wants more of those – I’ll try to help her with it.


Squirrels or birds?

Kaj:  SQUIRRELS!!!!!!


 What does your mom and dad do that you like most?  

Kaj:  They keep me very active, entertained, and oh so loved.  My life is so very full - you can tell they don't have kids as we are more scheduled out than a 4th grader.  Some days I just need a rest - but my smother, er, I mean, mother, has other plans.


How would you describe your perfect day?  

Kaj:  Get up early, go for a run, eat, nap, tennis balls, TOUCH, OK, STAY, JUMP, WEAVE, WALK IT, tennis balls, treats, tennis balls, naps, belly rubs, belly rubs, spooning, fireplace


If you had a job, what would it be?  

Kaj:  I want to be a tennis ball chaser at Wimbeldon...hey - it pays to dream!!!  Do you think their tennis balls squeak?????


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