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LCDA Low Country Dog Agility
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Lori Duncan
What is your name and how long have you been participating in the sport of dog agility?

Lori Duncan, 19 years participating in dog agility.
What are your dog(s) names, breed and ages?

Cutter, Boykin Spaniel, 16 years; Matilda, Australian Shepherd, 13 years; Opal, Aussie, 8 years; Duster, Aussie, 2 years.
How many titles have you and your doggie partner(s) earned? What are they?

Cutter earned one obedience award (CGC) and the following agility titles (AAD, OGC, OJC, EAC, GS-O, JS-O, RE-E).  Cutter was the first Boykin Spaniel in the country to earn an agility title.  He is now retired.

Matilda earned several obedience and rally awards and titles (CGC, CDX, RE), the following agility titles which include Agility Dog Champion, Performance Dog Champion, and Lifetime Achievement Award-Bronze (MX, MXJ, OF, NFP, ADCH, TM-Bronze, SACH, JCH, SCH-Silver, RCH-Silver, PJM, PGM, PRM, PSM, PKCH), and two flyball titles (FD, FDX).  These represent the highest titles she earned.  She also qualified annually for the USDAA National competition and competed twice at the event (once in Arizona and once in Kentucky).  She is now retired.

Opal has earned one obedience award (CGC), one rally obedience title (RN) and the following agility titles (AAD, AS, AJ, ASA).  She is now retired.

Duster has earned his CGC, one obedience title (BN), one rally obedience title (RN) and the following agility titles (AD, AG, ASA, OA, OAJ, OF).

How long have you been an instructor for LCDA and what class(s) do you teach?

I was an LCDA Instructor in obedience and agility during the early years of the Club.  I then left the Club for a few years.  When I returned to the Club, I have then been an instructor on and off.
With whom have you trained during your dog agility career and what qualifications/certifications do you have?

I have been competing in dog performance events for more than 19 years.  I have been an instructor in obedience and dog agility for over 17 years.  My training methods include positive reinforcement (using motivators such as toys, food, praise) and clicker training. I have attended numerous obedience and agility seminars from top instructors throughout the country (e.g., Stuart and Pati Mah, Julie Daniels, Elicia Calhoun, Bud Houston, Mary Ellen Barry, Anne Braue, Jen Crank, Jen Pinder, Susan Garrett, Wendy Pape, Theresa Rector, Nancy Gyes, Stacy Goudy, Sherrie Wilkes, Lynne Stephens, Linda Mecklenberg, Karen Holik, Tracy Hirsch, and Rebecca Thrift). I have received instruction in behavior modification using the Control Unleashed program from Leslie McDevitt (author), Meagan Skelton and Cindy Carter. 

What skills do you think are the most important for the dog agility team to master in order to be successful?

The two most important skills for a dog agility team are having fun and connecting as a team on and off the agility course. 

What words of advice would you give to starting dog agility teams?

Have fun with your dog on and off the agility course.  If you are having difficulties with something, don't hesitate to back up some in your training.  There is no rush to keep up with or compare yourself with other teams.

Why did you become involved in the sport of dog agility?

I wanted to do something fun with my Australian Shepherd, Kiwi. She really didn't like obedience, so we decided to try agility. LCDA had just been founded and we really didn't know how to train agility, but we muddled through and had fun.  It was quite the learning experience!  After that, I was addicted!

Describe the most memorable experience you and your doggie teammate have had during your dog agility career.

Two most memorable moments with Matilda:  First was when we earned her ADCH.  I didn't tell anyone that if we got the Masters Gambler is was her ADCH, but she got it and I was so happy I played with her, running around the ring crying!  This was when we still held trials over at Palmetto Island County Park.  Second was on her retirement day and she earned a Super Q in PIII Snooker to earn her PDCH, PKCH, and Lifetime Achievement Award Bronze.  Great way to retire!!!

And for fun.....if your dog had a theme song, what would it be?

Duster's registered name is Legends ChasN a Dream so Duster's theme song is "Running Down a Dream" by Tom Petty.