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LCDA Low Country Dog Agility
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Kathy Price


What is your name and how long have you been participating in the sport of dog agility?
My name is Kathy Price and I have been participating in dog agility for the past eight years. Prior to that I showed in the confirmation world with shelties.



What are your dog(s) names, breed and ages?
have seven dogs: Blaze, golden retreiver, 11 years old; Echo, shetland sheepdog, 8 years old; Meg, Border Collie, 4 years old; Bongo, Great Dane, 4 years old; Mr. Fix, Border Collie, 2 years old; WeBe Jammin', Border Collie, 2 years old; and, Jackson, Border-Staffy, 7 months old.


How many titles have you and your doggie partner(s) earned? What are they?
Kindred's Echo (shetland sheepdog) CGC, PD1, P2G, AS, AJ, PIIIJ.
Ammarden's Meg's Mojo Risin' (border collie) CGC, SS, SJ, AG, SP, AS, AJ, AD

TBC Mr. Fixx (BC) dock dogs, frisbee, herding

TBC WeBe Jammin (BC) dock dogs, frisbee, herding.
Jackson's Hotter than a Pepper Sprout (Border-staffy pup) in training for agility.
Blaze (golden retriever) BGRE (best golden retreiver ever).
Bongo (great dane) body guard :)


How long have you been an instructor for LCDA and what class(s) do you teach?
I have been an instructor for LCDA for 7 years and have taught Handling, Jumping Skills, Intro to Agility, Beginner Agility, Advanced Agility and Masters Agility.


With whom have you trained during your dog agility career and what qualifications/certifications do you have?
I have trained with Bud Houston, Webb Anderson, Dana Pike, Jenn Crank, Susan Salo,Lynne Weatherall, Lynne Stephens, Janet Rahn,  Stuart and Pati Mah. I most align my training methods with Stuart and Pati Mah. I am proud to say that I trained one of my dogs to be a service dog.


What skills do you think are the most important for the dog agility team to master in order to be successful?
1. A sense of play. So many people stop playing when their dog is no longer a puppy. I think play should be maintained throughout the dog's life. 2. A true sense of teamwork between the handler and the dog. Neither one of us would be doing this if the other were not willing or able. 3. Love for the dog and the sport. So many people become discouraged and that discouragement can make its way down the leash to our team mate. If you are having a bad day, are frustrated, or your dog is not having a good day, don't train that day. One day of not training will not hurt the overall goal.


What words of advice would you give to starting dog agility teams?
Make one goal for each training session when you are first starting out. It may be that my dog will interact with me for five minutes. Or it may be as simple as my dog will tug with me around other dogs. Then, when you start trialing, make one goal for the dog will walk into the ring with me, my dog will hold his stay at the start line, my dog will take the tire jump. Make small goals and realize, as well as celebrate, your progress.


Why did you become involved in the sport of dog agility?
I attended a dog agility show in Mt. Pleasant before I even adopted Echo. I remember sitting on the show grounds and watching all these brilliant dogs and handlers. I was still mourning the loss of one of my six year old shelties at the time. I made up my mind at that show that my next puppy would be trained in agility. I adopted Echo in December of that year and she attended the next agility show in March with me in Mt. Pleasant. She was only three months old but watched the dogs with great interest. As soon as she was 10 months old I enrolled in my first Introduction to Agility course and was hooked!


Describe the most memorable experience you and your doggie teammate have had during your dog agility career.
Competing in Charlotte NC with Echo and having it all click for her that weekend. We were unstoppable and even won Steeplechase among quite a few competitors. Now the most memorable experience I have is every time I walk into the ring with her. Because of her medical problems I know it may be the last time so I try to remember that!


And for fun.....if your dog had a theme song, what would it be?
Almost all my dogs have theme songs! Meg is named after "LA Woman" by the Doors but now her theme song is "Perfect" by Pink. WeBe Jammin's is "Like a G6." Mr. Fixx's is "One Way or Another" by The Fixx. Jackson's is "Going to Jackson" by Johnny Cash. Echo's is "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera. Blaze's song is "I'm a Country Boy." Bongo's song is" Let's Get This Party Started!" by the Black Eyed Peas.


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